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Solar Systems Algarve

(We let the sun work for you! Aljezur - Portugal)



Solar Panels at work

You can also have the sun in your house!

The sun, an inexhaustible power station, sends us per square meter a year about 1100 kilowatt hours clean energy. Catch this with the collectors which convert the sunlight into warmth. Or with solar cells, the electric stream generate ("Photovoltaik"). A solar arrangement is an ecologically friendly investment which is worthwhile.

The arrangement delivers for at least 25 years free energy. Regardless of energy prices and energy crises. This gives security. Today solar arrangements have technically matured, are long-lasting and have proved themselves in multiple applications. Collectors and solar modules can be mounted on the roof, in the roof, in the facade or freely put up. They bring the best yield by an adjustment towards the south and divergences to 45 ° are unimportant after southeast or southwest. According to application the optimum inclination is 25 ° to 80 °



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The advantages of the SOLAR-HFK:

High efficiency and very good price-achievement relation - from leading test institutes tested (Stuttgart ITW, SPF Rapperswill) - full copper absorber with langzeitstabiler, high-level-selective Tinox-vacuum coating - high-level transparency, solar shatterproof glass rigid - the slightest edge warmth losses by a running around frame - ecological materials.




Solar collector mounted on the roof


Diagram of Solar system for hot water in your home



Solar arrangements for the hot water system.

Many house-owners can heat their water already for more than 300 days in a year successfully by solar power. In summer the boiler remains switched off. In winter the sun warms up the water. They need about 1.5 ms ² collector surface and 70 to 100 liters of boiler volume per person. With a family of 4, 6 ms ² and 300 l are used as a rule. Thus more than two thirds of the power demand for the hot water system can be met. You should also connect the washingmachine and dishwasher to the solar heated water, this saves expenses.


Diagram of Solar system for home heating solutions


Solar arrangements for home heating support system.

A solar arrangement saves substantially more heating costs if it also supports the home heating, which is the biggest energy consumer beside the custom water preparation. In addition it must be laid out accordingly greater, and a buffer memory be started: at least 50 liters per m ² collector surface. In a sunny winter's day an efficient solar collector warms up the heating water just like that on 60 ° to 70 ° C.
So-called combination memories for heating and custom waters allow a space-saving, easy investment construction. (see switch pattern) Especially favorable conditions for solar heating are, mounting the collectors with an inclination from more than 30 ° facing towards the south. Ideally wall surfaces or under-floor heating. According to size of the arrangement and the heat insulation of the building, between 20% and 100% of the heating are covered by solar energy.