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Pellet Ovens Algarve

(Burns intensely giving good heat. Better for you and your environment. Aljezur - Portugal.)



Callimax Pellet Oven Twist

Technical data twist: 10 kW
Heating achievement: 3-10 kW
Height: 1,100 mms
Width: 570 mms
Depth: 595 mms
Weight: 143 kg
Space heating property: to 350 ms ³
Boiler tube connection: 100 mms
Fresh air connection: 50 mms
Fuel contents: 40 kg
Burning-hours: to 70 hrs
Efficiency: more than 95%
Stream connection: 230 V
Achievement admission continuous operation: 25/80 W
Ceramic ignition: built-in
Kettle thermostat: built-in
Hydraulic connection group: built-in
Water achievement max.: 8 kW
Weight with connection group: 165 kg
Connection preliminary heat / return: 3/4 " AG
Circulating pump. HU 15/4/2/-3
Boiler safety valve: 3/4 2.5 cash
Expansion vessel: 2 liters
Return increase: 60 °
STB: built-in

Variable: Side housing colour.
Three colors to choose from: Classic Black, Red speckled and blue speckled.


Calimax Pelletofen Twist 80/20
Type: Additional heating / whole house heating
Procedures: Water / air
(80% of water, 20% of hot air / radiation warmth)

Pelletofen twist 80/20
- 80% of water / 20% of air
- Stock container X generous
- Strong design
- High-quality construction
- Many application possibilities
- Also as a whole house heating
- The easiest service
- Automatic start / stop
- utility model protected

Optimum application:
- Apartment
- Summer cottage / holiday apartment
- Restaurant
- Winter gardens.

Diagram of how a Pellet Oven works



Callimax Pellet Oven Sandor

Technical data Sandor: 7 kW 10 kW
Heating achievement: 2.5 - 7 kW 3 - 10 kW
Height: 1,045 mms 1045 mms
Width: 580 mms 580 mms
Depth: 520 mms 520 mms
Space heating property: to 200 ms ³ to 300 ms ³
Fuel contents: 30 kg 30 kg
Burning-hour: to 60 hrs to 50 hrs

Variable: Colors and disguising
Steel: Classically blue, Red, silver, Black
Ceramics: Ruby-red, white
Marble: Macael, Carrara


Calimax Pelletofen Sandor
Space heating
Procedures: Air
(100% of hot air / radiation warmth)

About: Pelletofen Sandor
- Very big cinder tub
- 8 different side housings
- Beautiful, pleasantly quiet flame picture
- Integrated ambient temperature regulation
- Child-proof door fastener
- Big view disc
- The easiest service


Callimax Pellet Oven Bellina

Technical data: 5 kW
Heating achievement: 2.5 - 5 kW
Height: 890 mms
Width: 480 mms
Depth: 430 mms
Space heating property: to 150 ms ³
Fuel contents: 12 kg
Burning-hour: to 20 hrs

Variable: Side housing
Ruby-red, Rape-yellow, Midnight blue, Migic silver, Deep black, sand silver, bright orange, Pastel-yellow

On inquiry you receive with pleasure also other information for this and other models!



Calimax Pelletofen Bellina
Type: Space heating
Procedures: Air
(100% of hot air / radiation warmth)

About: Pelletofen Bellina
- Compact, small model
- 8 different colored side housing
- Integrated time switch clock
- Automatic start / stop
- Integrated ambient temperature regulation
- Comfortable service / easy cleaning
- Absolutely serviceable construction

Optimum areas of application:
- Apartment
- Freestanding house
- Summer cottage / holiday apartment
- Winter gardens.


This is what the Natural Pellets look like




Holzpellets are small cylinder-shaped pressings from natural wooden leftovers like shavings and saw filings. These are chopped up and grouted under high pressure to Holzpellets. Pellets contain no foreign matters. Only material belonging to wood serves as a natural binding agent.

Heating with Pellets saves the environment. Since the combustion of Holzpellets does not raise the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Therefore the warmth of a Calimax Pelletovens is good not only for you, but also the environment.



Different wall and floor heating systems



Surface heatings: Warmth in her most pleasant form!

Under-floor heating:
Never again cold feet: The underfloor heating system means you can walk
barefoot about warm stones or tiles - an indescribably pleasant feeling. Under-floor heating is recommended above all for tiles and stone floors. 100 percent oxygen-diffusion-thick Metal-piping offers the highest standard.

Under-floor heating system for all installation situations
- Stapler system
- Rail system
- Notch plate system
- Dry construction system
- Loam / Brick System
- Industrial ground heating / concrete core activation.



Wall heating panels


Wall heating:

Optimal construction-biological : Wall surface heating .

Your building also profits from wall heating: The steady dehydration of the components contributes to the preservation of the structural fabric. With historical and monument-protected buildings this technology is for a long time already an applied practise.

Wall heating surfaces are available as underplaster-heating registers ready with assembly or as heating panels for the dry removal. The systems distinguish themselves by their high distribution of heat achievement and rational assembly.